CHEMISTRY (ENG)(PHD) - Department Information   
Language English
Program Time (Year) 4
Max.Program Time (Year) 6
Program Quota
Internships Status Absent
After the establishment of Gazi University, one of the well-established higher education institutions in 1982, since 1983, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and since 2011, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry has been providing education/research services to the graduate students.
The Department of Chemistry continues its education/research activities for graduate students with 5 sub-disciplines: Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.
Department of Chemistry, with its current academic staff, aims to gain an identity with scientific and social precision to graduate students who are systematically research-oriented and take into objective and innovative values account.
Qualification Awarded
Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) in Chemistry
Admission Requirements
General admission requirements stated under Info on the Institution on this website are being applied to start this programme.
Higher Grade Transition
Students who succesfully completed doctorate programme may apply to post doctorate programmes.
Graduation Requirements
Duration of doctorate programme is eight semesters. In order to graduate from Doctorate Degree program, students should achieve 21 credits in total successfully, success in seminar course, pass the proficiency examination successfully and defend his/her master thesis in front of jury successfully and complete master thesis.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
The graduates with Doctorate Degree in Chemistry, can work in many different industrial areas such as pharmacy, food, agricultural, health, military, petroleum, environment, automotive, plastic, paint, mining and etc. and the laboratory-based jobs. Also, the graduates can work in educational activities as an academician in chemistry related departments in universities or participate in research groups as a researcher. The students that are successfully graduated from the program can apply for the post-doctoral researcher position in chemistry or chemistry related programs.

Assessment and Grading
(1) Students take the final exam and/or the final project in addition to the mid-term exams and/or mid-term studies. Examination calendar is published on the website of the related academic department.
(2) The success of the students is evaluated with the methods and criteria which are stated on the course description forms that are declared at the beginning of semester.
(3) Students are obliged to succeed in must courses. They can reselect a failed elective course or select another elective instead.
(4) Mid-term exams and/or mid-term studies and final exam and/or the final project are evaluated over 100 raw points. Letter success grades over 100 raw points are given for seminars, thesis studies, term project courses and proficiency exams. To succeed in courses, the minimum letter success grades must be CC for master?s degree and CB for doctorate and integrated (post bachelor) doctorate.
(5) A student whose raw point is under 25 fails the course by receiving an (FF) grade directly. The success grade of a student whose raw point is 25 or above is evaluated with the grades of which coefficients and definitions are stated below considering the general status of the class, average points and statistical range. After this evaluation, it is possible for the letter success grade equivalents of raw points that are 25 and above to be (FF).
(6) Coefficients and letter success grades are evaluated as shown below:
Coefficients Letter Success Grades
4.00 AA
3.50 BA
3.00 BB
2.50 CB
2.00 CC
1.50 DC
1.00 DD
0.50 FD
0.00 FF
b) The letter grades other than the ones in the clause ?a? are:
1) D: Absent
2) G: Not attended
3) E: Incomplete (The E grades which are not corrected until after 3 weeks from the finalization of letter success grades are converted to FF)

(7) The CumGPA is calculated via dividing the final grades of all of the courses throughout a student?s study period by the total number of credits. The obtained CumGPA is shown with two decimals after the point.
(8) While calculating both the GPAs of semesters/years and the CumGPA, the letters grades from AA to FF are based on. G and D grades are processed as FF.
(9) All grades are included in the transcripts of students.
(10) For graduation, the CumGPA must be 3.00/4.00 minimum for doctorate or integrated (post bachelor) doctorate programmes. Despite completing all the credits, students who cannot provide the graduation conditions take new courses to do so.
(11) Students who do not provide the attendance conditions or other course requirements cannot take the final exam of the course and are regarded as absent (D).